Monday, April 27, 2009

Scarboro - General Store, 1976 & 2008

"On an old logging road, cracked and broken from years of neglect, where the red clay is slowly covering what's left of the pavement, Hazel Frawley's general store still stands. A short distance down the road, the skeletal remains of a wooden bridge stretch across the Ogeechee like ancient crosses in a forgotten graveyard.

Nothing much comes this way any more, but the little clapboard store remains open. Mr. Hazel has run this store for over forty years, and he can remember when he sold everything from coffins to candy. The shelves are virtually bare now, except for a few canned goods and several different sizes of wash tubs that hang form the overhead rafters. Those who travel the Ogeechee River have been stopping by the store for as long as anyone can remember, stopping by for a Moon Pie and an RC Cola." - Jack Leigh, 1976

Hazel Frawley's General Store

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Summerbreeze said...

Jack Leigh is a kindred spirit, Matt. Thanks so much for posting this photo of his and your night shot of the store. This entry stirs so many memories for me. I just can't tell you how much.