Thursday, March 26, 2009

Athens to Savannah, 11/30/2008

Notes from trip.
  • Rain, fog. Football team lost to Georgia Tech after winning 6 in a row.
  • Monk House - Slowly collapsing, winter's coming. No trespassing signs are new, more lonely than usual.
  • Crawfordville - Jesus Saves mural still there, fighting the elements.
  • Camak - Fog, passing intermodal train, white car, mansion, more fog.
  • GA80 - Nightfall, pouring rain and J.J. Cale. 18 wheelers in gravel lot illuminated by street light.  Southern rail cars through head lights.
  • Bartow - Antebellum lit up for x-mas
  • Wadley - Not photographed, old black man stepping out of club. One day I will take photographs like this.
  • Scarboro - Does anyone live here? I'll be back.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

north florida

It was the Florida of my dreams. Not Disney World. The trip home from Disney World.  You're sitting in the back of the car, trying to stay awake. Looking out the window. Rolling farmland, Spanish moss, live oaks. Green. Lots of green. Pastures. Heaven. And it never ends. This is the Florida you dream of. Not when you're a kid leaving Disney World. When you're twenty years older, seeing the land for the first time. You know you've seen this before, but only in a dream. . .

Don Blankenship, 1986.