Sunday, December 14, 2008

Richmond Hill - Christmas

This is the first year Griffin Lewis has sold Christmas trees. A self described renaissance man, he builds houses, hauls dirt, and clears land among other things, Griffin probably got this idea from his wife who owns a store in nearby Richmond Hill (20 minutes south of Savannah). His wife sells arts and crafts along with seasonal items, such as pumpkins and Christmas trees. While she’s been doing this for years, Griffin just recently decided to try his go at selling Christmas trees for $36 a piece. His stand is located along US17, just south of Richmond Hill, on land where an old motel once stood now owned by his father-in-law. After spending a couple of days clearing the land, Griffin set up the North Carolina Frasier Firs and parked his RV out back, knowing he’d need a place to hang out when business was slow (he’d never actually sleep there). Fortunately for me, business was slow when I met Griffin on a Friday night coming back from work, and we had a chance to talk about many things, including college, photography, and the economy. Still in work mode, I asked him about sales to see if he had a chance at giving his wife a run for her money. Without hesitation, he said he didn’t stand a chance. But he had a redneck theme going this year, with tacky lights, a Now Open sign, and an RV parked in the back, things his wife would never allow at her store. And he’ll have a print in his mailbox next week.