Thursday, March 26, 2009

Athens to Savannah, 11/30/2008

Notes from trip.
  • Rain, fog. Football team lost to Georgia Tech after winning 6 in a row.
  • Monk House - Slowly collapsing, winter's coming. No trespassing signs are new, more lonely than usual.
  • Crawfordville - Jesus Saves mural still there, fighting the elements.
  • Camak - Fog, passing intermodal train, white car, mansion, more fog.
  • GA80 - Nightfall, pouring rain and J.J. Cale. 18 wheelers in gravel lot illuminated by street light.  Southern rail cars through head lights.
  • Bartow - Antebellum lit up for x-mas
  • Wadley - Not photographed, old black man stepping out of club. One day I will take photographs like this.
  • Scarboro - Does anyone live here? I'll be back.

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Summerbreeze said...

Fascinating, Matt. Really enjoyed this glimpse of your life on the road. The photo is one of my favorites.