Monday, February 16, 2009

Bostwick - Nolan House

Mortgage: Morgan Co., Ga.: 10 Feb. 1836, Wm. Brown to Thomas Nolan, both of afsd. co., promissory note for $167.50 due 1 March next. Security: a bay filly 3 years old, a bay mare & colt, a dun colored cow & calf, sow & 6 shoats, 3 pigs, 3 beds, steads, & furniture, 3 ovens, 2 pots, 1/2 dozen sitting chairs, table, chest, 2 plows & gear, spinning wheel, knives & forks, plates, 500 lbs. bacon, 20 barrels corn, 2000 lbs. fodder, & crop of corn, fodder, & cotton I make this year. If Brown pays Nolan on time with interest, this to be void. /s/ William (x) Brown. Test: Baldwin B. Head, John L. Dorough. Mortgage proved by Baldwin B. Head, 22 Feb. 1836, Thos. Nolan, J.P. Recorded 14 March 1836.



Summerbreeze said...

This is an amazing photo, Matt. Every element contributes to the mystery and aging beauty of the house, left alone to the slow march of time. The historical information from the mortgage document fills out in words what one can only imagine from the photo. The lighting as always is exceptional. One of your photographic gifts is knowing when and how light makes a composition come alive and helps tell its story. The mood and emotion show through powerfully.

shiphome said...

Gorgeous photos of a truly iconic place in the American south.